When is Google’s Birthday?

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When is google's birthdayThis article covers up the information about Google and its history, and also information about when is Google’s birthday?

You all know that Google has made your life easier than ever. You can never load a page so faster than Google. It is not overloaded and loads quickly so you don’t have to wait.

It was the main aim of Google’s owners, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, that the search engine they are going to make has to better and faster than the other ones. Google is better than its competitors of all time, Hotbot.com, and Excite.com.

The work was started by Page but later on, Brin joined him because they have been friends for a long time when Page got admission in the Stanford University.

Now about when is Google’s birthday?

It is not even known by its owners, they are themselves confused about when Google was formed? But now, Google celebrates its birthday on 27th of September.

Below you will know about the history of Google and its birthday as well, so continue reading.

The Significance of Google

Google has been one of the best search engines among all. Well, as a personal opinion, Google is the best search engine and unmatchable.

Its owners, Page and Brin, wanted to make a search engine that was better than the others which were being used at that time.

Google has been faster in loading pages and when you type https://www.google.com in the address bar of your browser, it loads quickly and faster as compared to other web pages.

Now the question arises about the Google’s birthday!

Well, no one knows that when is Google’s birthday, but it is now traditionally celebrated on the 27th of September. You know that when it is Google’s birthday, it traditionally shows an animated Doodle art online. Google changes its logo, which is shown to the internet users from all around the world so you can guess easily when is Google’s birthday.

For the first time in 2002, on Google’s 4th birthday, it launched its Doodle art. It is the most creative thing ever done online in internet history that how Google changes its logo on its birthday, on special occasions and events, on different holidays, and on the birthday of the most famous celebrities or public figures.

Every Doodle art or changing the logo is matched to the occasion.

And the most important thing which I find amazing is that when on Google you are signed in by your e-mail, you can see the logo changed even on your birthday. Isn’t it amazing? Well, Google takes care of its users a lot.

Google History

Google has a long, wide history that no one actually knows. Some say one thing while others say something else which is entirely different. But I am going to share with you the authentic information about Google and its history. And when is Google’s birthday? Your confusion about this question or information will be gone far away after reading the entire article about Google’s Birthday.

As its birthday was not confirmed so there were confusions for the owners as well, but the problem was solved by Google itself.

As you know that the working for Google started in 1996 or maybe before that. The two students of Stanford University decided to make up a search engine that was better than the other ones. Google was to be better and faster than the overloaded sites. That is why Google never had any add-on, but only text based.

Below is the complete history of Google from the beginning and all its events that Google faced. Its extended projects and their failure too.

Read below for Google History:

History Of CEO:

This search engine, Google, was founded by Sergey Brin and Larry Page in the year 1998. They were Ph.D. students at the Stanford University.

The work for Google was started in the year 1995 or 1996. The google.com domain was registered in the year 1997, but in 1998, it came into being with a formal incorporation at Susan Wojcicki’s Garage which is in California.

Both of them own 14 percent shares of the company and 56 percent stockholding power of voting through the supervoting stock.

However, in 2004, Sundar Pichai joined Google and became the CEO of Google in the year 2015, August. He is the Board Member at the Jive Software.

In addition to that, he also leads the innovation efforts and product management for the Google’s consumer products which includes Google Chrome, Google Toolbar, and Chrome OS.

The Beginning – Google History:

The owners of this company, Brin, and Page had been working to establish this company for many years before it was formed. They wanted to create a search engine that will be not like the other ones.

They wanted to create something different. So, they started working on this matter and considered it as a research project.

The story of Google began in the year 1996. The 2 students of Stanford University, Larry Page, and Sergey Brin are the two Ph.D. students that started working on this project of a search engine which will be entirely different from the ones that are used.

Larry Page had started exploring and working the properties of the World Wide Web (www.). He also worked to understand the link structure of World Wide Web as a huge graph.

Terry Winograd, who was Page’s supervisor had encouraged and advised him to pick the idea (and Page explains this as the best advice that he ever got in life). However, he then focused on the problem to find out that which of the web pages are linked to a given page which is based on the nature and number of the backlinks was a useful information about that web page.

Brin also joined Page in this research, and he was nicknamed as ‘BackRub.’ Brin was supported by the National Science Foundation Graduate Fellowship. Page and Brin were already close friends. They met in the year 1995, in summer, when Page was in a group of new students and Brin had volunteered to show the new students, the campus.

The web crawler (of Larry Page) had been exploring the web with the Stanford homepage (which was created by Page).

To turn the backlink data into a web page, both of them designed a PageRank Algorithm. They analyzed the results that a URL had so many backlinks that were ranked by their importance. So, they thought that a search engine which based on the PageRank, they will get the better output as compared to other web pages or search engines.

When is Google’s birthday? Well, you will know about that too when I make it till that point!

In The Late 1990s:

As an original, the search engine had a domain of google.stanford.edu. It used the Stanford’s website. In the year 1997, on 15th September, the domain as google.com was registered.

In the year 1998, on 4th of September, the company (Google) was incorporated formally by Page and Brin.

Page and Brin had been against using the pop-ups add-ons on their search engine. They never wanted an ‘advertising-funded search engine.’ They even wrote a research paper on the same topic while they were still students. But later, after a while, they just changed their minds and allowed simple ads (like text ads).

When the end of 1998 was near, Google’s index contained about 60 million pages. Its homepage was still shown as ‘BETA’ but in Salon.com, an article argued that Google’s search engine is a lot better than its competitors which are Excite.com and Hotbot.com. And Google was also praised because it was more innovative technologically as compared to the overloaded sites.

In 1999, the company had moved into offices at 165 University Avenue in Palo Alto. After outgrowing at a fast pace, Google leased a complex of buildings in Mountain View. The company had stayed there since then. Now the complex is known as the Googleplex.

When is Google’s birthday? It was not yet decided. It was a confusion for the company itself.

In The 2000s:

The Google had attracted millions of internet users from around the world because of its simplicity. Later in this year, Google started selling advertisements related to the search keywords. These ads have been just text based so that the page may load faster than other web pages.

The keywords were being sold with a combination of click-through and price bid. The bidding started at $0.5 per single click. The advertisement selling of keywords was pioneered by Goto.com.

Google’s code of conduct has been ‘Don’t be evil.’ It is a phrase that Google has included in their prospectus for their IPO in 2004. Google noted, “We believe strongly that in the long term, we will be better saved – as shareholders and in all other ways – by a company that does good things to the world even if we forgo some short-term gains.’

Google launched Knol in the year 2008, which is known as the equivalent of Wikipedia. It, unfortunately, failed after three to four years.

And if you want to know when is Google’s birthday? It was decided in 2002 when Google launched its Doodle art for the first time ever on 27th of September, 2002.

In The 2010s:

Google launched its fourth foray known as Google+ into social media / networking in the year 2011 followed by the Google Buzz which started in 2010 but failed in 2011. Google+ also followed Google Friend Connect, which launched in 2008 and failed in 2012, and Orkut, which was formed in 2004 but failed in 2014, September.

When Is Google’s Birthday?

Google’s birthday was not confirmed at the start, but it was confirmed to be on the 27th of September when Google launched its Doodle art for the first time ever in the year 2002.

However, after 2002, the dates were again confused and the company didn’t know when to celebrate Google’s birthday. In the year 2003, the Google launched its animated Doodle art on the 8th of September and in 2004, the Doodle art went online on 7th September.

No one actually knows that when Google was formed, even the owners, Page and Brin, they are not confirmed about its birthday. But after 2006 and since then, Google’s birthday has been celebrated on the 27th of September.

Before 2006, no confirm date was known by anyone. Google used to show its Doodle art online whenever it wanted to. Nobody has any idea about its formation.

The Burning Man festival Doodle art was shown online before Google came into being so you cannot count that as its birthday or else.

Now the birthday of Google has been traditionally marked on the 27th of September after 2006 till now.

Google’s 18th birthday is on 27th September, Tuesday.

However, the first Doodle art was online on Google’s 4th birthday in 2002. But on Google’s 5th birthday the Doodle art was online on 8th September and Google’s 6th birthday was celebrated on the 7th of September.

Google’s 13th birthday was on 27th September. Its birthday is celebrated on 27th September since Google’s 8th birthday.

When is Google’s birthday? Now, you know exactly on which date Google has its birthday and celebrates it with a Doodle art!

Concluding Remarks:

Now you know when was Google formed? Or when is Google’s birthday?

You don’t have to ask anyone about anything now. As I told you above that the birthday of Google was not confirmed till 2006. The owners were also very confused about this thing and the Doodle art would go online on different dates. The dates which have no relevance to one another. In one year, it was on 7th September and the next year it was on 27th September. But ever since its 8th birthday, Google’s birthday has been traditionally marked on the 27th of September, and now it is celebrated on the same date as 27th September.

I hope you find this information helpful and knowledgeable. And don’t forget to celebrate Google’s birthday and wish it Happy Birthday Google!

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